A simple one-button cell phone with your health and safety in mind.

How it Works



Be The First To Know

We notify you of any potential emergency situations.

You use the dashboard and mobile app to determine the wearer's location and vitals to decide if it's something that should be acted upon.

Escalate If Needed

Start a conference call with loved ones first, and escalate by adding an operator on the call for immediate Fire/Medic dispatch.

Easily Configure Your Blink Phone

You decide who is contacted, and how, from our easy-to-use dashboard.

Configure Notifications For...

  • An "SOS" button response plan
  • When the device leaves a geofence
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Missed Medications

More Than Just an Emergency Device

Blink empowers the customer by offering the ability to place non-emergency phone calls to a predetermined list of contacts, giving medication reminders, one-way messaging to the Blink phone, and more.

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